2007年份出版刊物 - 最新优先

  • Automated ion channel screening: patch clamping made easy

    Farre C., Stoelzle S., Haarman C., George M., Brueggemann A., Fertig N.

    Expert Opinion Therapeutic Targets, 2007, 11(4), 557-565.

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  • Book chapter: Planar Patch Clamping

    Behrends, J.C., Fertig, N.

    Patch Clamp Analysis – Advanced Techniques, Series: Neuromethods, Springer, 2007, 38, 411-433.

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  • Electrophysiological assessment of HERG blockade: Comparative study using automated and conventional patch clamp systems

    Yook Y., Kim J., Cho H., Moon H., Kwak B.

    Toxicology Letters, 2007, 172 (Suppl.1), S98-S99.