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  • Electrophysiology of Respiratory Chain Complexes and the ADP-ATP Exchanger in Native Mitochondrial Membranes
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  • TRPV channels mediate temperature-sensing in human corneal endothelial cells

    Stefan Mergler, Monika Valtink, Vivien Jane Coulson-Thomas, Dirk Lindemann, Peter S. Reinach, Katrin Engelmanng, Uwe Pleyer,

    Experimental Eye Research, 90 (2010) 758e770

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  • Planar Patch Clamp Approach to Characterize Ionic Currents from Intact Lysosomes
    Michael Schieder, Katrin Rötzer, Andrea Brüggemann, Martin Biel and Christian Wahl-Schott

    Science Signaling, 2010, 3(151), 1-15


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  • Propranolol blocks cardiac and neuronal voltage-gated sodium channels

    Dao W. Wang, Akshitkumar M. Mistry, Kristopher M. Kahlig, Jennifer A. Kearney, Jizhou Xiang and Alfred L. George Jr., Frontiers in Pharmacology, Original Research Article published: 31 December 2010; doi: 10.3389/fphar.2010.00144

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  • Ircinialactams: subunit-selective glycine receptor modulators from Australian sponges of the family Irciniidae

    Balansa W, Islam R, Fontaine F, Piggott AM, Zhang H, Webb TI, Gilbert DF, Lynch JW, Capon RJ. 

    Bioorg Med Chem. 2010 Apr 15;18(8):2912-9. Epub 2010 Mar 6.

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  • Cor.At® Cardiomyocytes: Primary-like Cardiomyocytes for Manual and Automated Electrophysiological Screening

    Ralf Kettenhofen1 and Sonja Stoelzle21Axiogenesis AG, Cologne, Germany, 2Nanion Technologies, Munich, Germany


    Screenshots from this publication:


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  • Characterization of two pore channel 2 (TPCN2)-mediated Ca2+ currents in isolated lysosomes

    Schieder M., Rötzer K., Brüggemann A., Biel M. and Wahl-Schott C.A.: 

    The Journal of Biological Chemistry Vol. 285, No. 28, pp. 21219–21222, July 9, 2010

    Characterization of two pore channel 2 Ca2+ currents

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  • Permeation of antibiotics through escherichia coli OmpF and OmpC porins: screening for influx on a single-molecule level

    Mahendran K.R., Kreir M., Weingart H., Fertig N., Winterhalter M. 

    J. Biomol. Screen., 2010 Jan 19

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  • Multiplexed transposon-mediated stable gene transfer in human cells

    Kahlig K.M., Saridey S.K., Kaja A., Daniels M.A., George A.L. Jr and Wilson M.H. 

    Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA., 2010, Jan 26;107(4), 1343-8.

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  • Renaissance of ion channel research and drug discovery by patch clamp automation

    Farre C. and Fertig N. 

    Future Med. Chem., 2010, 2(5), 1-5.

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  • Pregnenolone Sulphate- and Cholesterol-Regulated TRPM3 Channels Coupled to Vascular Smooth Muscle Secretion and Contraction

    Naylor J., Li J., Milligan C.J, Zeng F., Sukumar P., Hou B., Sedo A., Yuldasheva N., Majeed Y., Beri D., Jiang S., Seymour V.A.L, McKeown L., Kumar B., Harteneck C., O\"Regan D., Wheatcroft S.B., Kearney M.T, Jones C., Porter K.E. and Beech D.J. Circ. Res., 2010, published online Apr 10, 1-18.

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  • Studying mechanosensitive ion channels using liposomes

    Martinac B., Rohde P.R., Battle A. R., Petrov E., Pal P, Alexander Foo A.FW, Vásquez V., Huynh T. and Kloda A.

    Methods Mol. Biol. 2010, 606, 31-53.